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Meera Satpathy, Founder & Chairperson, Sukarya

More than two decades ago, I had a chance conversation with a neighbor’s house-help who I happened to meet on my evening walk. She was barely 17 years old and heavily pregnant. She looked pale and underweight. Later I regretted not asking her if…

by: Huda Giddens.

Children of the Education on Wheels program celebrating Mother’s Day

When I founded my school, the Giddens School in Seattle, I was sure of one thing, among many — that every teacher in the School would visit the home of each child who was enrolled in his/her classroom, BEFORE school started in the Fall. This stemmed from…


Since 1998, Sukarya’s focus has been good health & well being of women, children & adolescents living in the slums & villages of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan & UP.

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